While I’m not a huge St. Patrick’s day celebrator, I do love a good party – especially if there are cocktails! So I’ve made a green drink that isn’t so green you can’t drink it all year round. This is pretty delicious so it seems a shame that you should only be drinking it one day a year, anyways.

The Last Pear is a take on The Last Word, a classic cocktail consisting of equal parts gin, green chartreuse, maraschino, and lime juice. I’ve added some pear into the mix, and cut back on the maraschino so sweetness doesn’t overpower the drink. I originally thought ‘Yes, Pear! Because you are green!’, but then I got to the grocery store and the only green pears were hard as rock. There little reddish ones were tasty though.


Recipe – The Last Pear


1oz Gin
1oz Green Chartreuse
1oz Lime Juice
1/2oz Maraschino
1/2oz Pear Schnapps
1/4 fresh pear


Lime Wheel or Twist


Muddle the pear with the gin in a shaker.
Add the rest of the ingredients and do your thing.
Strain and serve.