The Manhattan is perhaps my most favourite cocktail.

My love for cocktails really began with the Manhattan, and it’s also responsible for my love of whiskey. Sure, I drank whiskey before I started getting into cocktails, but it would usually be mixed with ginger-ale or cola. And while I think the 2 ingredient cocktail has it’s place, it’s certainly not the best way to sip a quality spirit.

Manhattan Cocktail Ingredients: Dolin Vermouth, Bulliet Bourbon and Amerena Cherries

The addition of vermouth and bitters takes away some of the harshness that can come from drinking whiskey straight, but still allows for the flavours of the whiskey to shine through. Traditionally, the drink is made with Rye whiskey, but I really enjoy it made with bourbon and a touch of Maraschino.


2oz Bourbon (I use Bulliet)
1oz Sweet Vermouth
1 barspoon cherry syrup
1 sleeve Luxardo Maraschino

Stir all ingredients and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a cherry (Or cherries in this case).

Also, I never take the time to chill my coupe, but I probably should…